When YouTube removes the dislike button

An already insufferable platform will get worse. The dislike button is an avenue to set the system straight whether YouTube still includes its algorithm around dislikes is questionable but a video with greater dislikes should be at a penalty.

youtube dislike button

The dislike or thumbs down usually follows from the output of a click bait, mis informative, poor jest or outright unethical behaviour video. As it should be, the viewers and users of YouTube the ones that use the platform have their say in shaping the standards and future quality of the content yet a YouTube with no dislike button is a free for all.

Why have a platform that is free from criticism? “Do the crime you do the time” is the “make a poor video get the criticism”.

No one gets held accountable for misleading thousands of children viewers and a dislike button wont hold anyone accountable (asides rankings) but its a principle and a voice for the users of YouTube.

Viewers opinion

Take example of the 2018 rewind and the Gillette ad, the users of YouTube voiced their opinion using the dislike button. The rewind video simply was so out of touch and only invited the biggest money makers for YouTube and the Gillette ad was focused on giving men a lesson on masculinity, it was a piece of speech rather than an ad.

Both got impacted by the viewers and users of YouTube through the use of the dislike button without this these videos seem like a shiny gold nugget on the platform. You only have to marginally look YouTube comments to realize they are full of attention seeking jokes and puns with very little contribution to the video and just general society.

Yes most platforms are already censored from the floor up and the influence that some YouTube “creators” have on children is a frightening thought.. if you have a look at RiceGum or anyone else chasing “views” with rubbish click bait garbage, intelligence levels will be hitting all time lows.

Fix it, don’t remove it

The argument that dislike spamming and disliking a video out of hate and despite rather than reason can be a motive to see the dislike button removed is a weak point. YouTube could very easily monitor its use and find these mass dislikers thus making the dislike invalid but appear valid to that viewer.

It would not be hard to match a user disliking every video on a channel for YouTube to remove the dislike button rather than work on its use is a lazy move.

One can only hope for the platforms sake that YouTube works on making the dislike button meaningful but able to be less shaped by “hype” or brigading. An invisible dislike count but still counting and showing the dislikes to the creator whilst affecting the video ranking is ideal.

At the end you just need the dislike button to still keep creators accountable, public dislike count visible or not.